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Details of Sports

Strength & Power
The game of football requires a considerable amount of speed and strength. Every player has a dominant hand, foot, and eye that are controlled by the dominant hemisphere of the brain. On the side of the dominant eye we see an increase in tone of the musculature on that side of the body. So, on the side of the non-dominant eye, we see a decrease in tone.
In order for a player to be effective, he needs to have equal output from both sides of the body. Eyelights promote equal output by stimulating the non-dominant eye and non-dominant hemisphere of the brain. One of the best places to accomplish this is in the weight room. Many players have one side that fatigues sooner than the other. Eyelights stimulate this weaker side allowing you to lift more and finish the set stronger. With Eyelights we have seen strength improvements at an average of 4-10%. This improvement allows the player to become quicker and stronger, thus enabling him to become a more complete player.

Coordination & Muscle Memory
On the offensive side of the ball there is a considerable amount of coordination involved. Eyelights stimulate the receptors of your non-dominant eye, creating greater visual acuity. This will create an increased perception of your surroundings, enhancing coordination, resulting in more passes completed. Eyelights improve coordination by stimulating the cerebellum where all learning and movement (or muscle memory) begins. Therefore, by wearing the glasses while running pass routes, a muscle memory pattern will be established for quarterbacks, running backs, and receivers. This "blueprint" or "efferent copy" will allow offensive tasks to feel automatic in nature.

Reaction Time
Reaction time can mean the difference between missing a tackle or stopping the ball in the backfield. Players need to react to the movement of the ball. By using Eyelights to stimulate activity of the non-dominant eye you improve your ability to gather and process information. The end result is heightened attention and a quicker reaction time.




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