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Since everyone has one side of the brain that functions at a higher level than the other, there is no limit to the benefits of wearing Eyelights. Eyelights can be worn around the house for a little "pick me up" or at work to keep you more attentive and focused. Wearing Eyelights while exercising can make you more aggressive, yet less tired. Eyelights can also prove beneficial if you suffer from headaches, stress, or lack of energy.

Increase Serotonin and Dopamine Production

One of the main functions of the light therapy used by Eyelights is to produce higher levels of serotonin and dopamine. Serotonin affects the mentality of a person (limbic lobe of the brain). When the brain produces too little serotonin, mood swings, learning problems, and depression can occur. The light pulses will increase serotonin production and aid in the treatment of patients experiencing mental or emotional problems.

Dopamine in the brain controls motor function and strength of muscle. When dopamine is present, one has control of fine motor movements. The lack of dopamine causes movement disorders such as Parkinson's. Eyelights excite the receptors at the back of the retina, which in turn fire to the brain stem in three different areas. One of these areas is the mesencephalon, the highest center, which stimulates A9 and A10 cells into producing dopamine.

Medial rectus muscles control or have relationship with the multifidi muscles of the erector spinae group. Due to the homologous column of the body, if the medial rectus is weak, the multifidi muscles will also be inhibited, or hypotonic, allowing for rotations of the spinous processes to occur. When muscle tone is hypertonic on one side of the spine, coupled with growth spurts during puberty, you will see concavities of the spine occurring (scoliosis). Curvatures develop because of the brains influence on spinal structures, coupled with puberty and growth. As the multifidi are stimulated, tone changes will occur, and changes in the coupling of the spine are at this point recognized.

Seasonal Depression
During the winter months many people are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, which is a form of depression caused by a decrease in the number of hours of daylight. In some people a decrease in exposure to light can lead to decreased energy, depressed moods, and increase in appetite. The light therapy that Eyelights offers can alleviate many of these symptoms. People experiencing SAD may produce less melatonin and Serotonin which can lead to a depressive state. Eyelights can cause the brain to release elevated levels of these chemicals causing many symptoms to pass.

Read how Eyelights are changing lives:

"I recently purchased a pair of Eyelights for my 11 yr old son who was injured in an auto accident when he was 5. He suffered a severe TBI with brain swelling and a left frontal hematoma…Since using the glasses I noticed that he has improved in his gait pattern and is starting to use his right hand/arm more efficiently than before." Jill T.

"Our son suffered a traumatic birth injury…he was quite developmentally delayed, and fully autistic at age 3. The impact of Eyelights has been enormous…he is in a mainstream first grade class…and his ability to focus and regulate his behavior improves markedly with the Eyelights therapy." Dr. Glen Zielinski

"At age 2, our son Patrick suffered severe neurological complications following resection of a malignant brain tumor…he experienced severe nausea, inhibiting his growth and leaving his bones fragile. 22 months later, our son is mainstreamed into a kindergarten class…is walking without orthotics and his language skills have improved." Bob & Lynn Young

"I had a stroke nearly 3 years ago…was unconscious for nearly a month, and they did not expect me to live. Eyelights helped a great deal during my recovery therapy…my balance became more improved and I no longer need a cane to walk with." Dr. John Stump

"I am 54 years old and have had MS for 20 years…I found that after wearing the glasses and having the lights blink for 45 seconds that something started happening…I was able to stand with both feet together, with arms crossed, while not falling backwards…I was able to look up without any dizziness or wavering." Linda P.

"Dr. Wen Wu treated me one month ago with the glasses…I had an immediate response in bladder control…Since then, I've slept through the night relieved of frequent urination." Vivian B.

"My son, age 7, was cured of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis in 1999…he had regained full flexibility in his knees and other joints, but had not regained his normal gait with fluid movement when walking or running. After only 3 days of wearing the Eyelights, his gait became completely normal…after only 5 weeks of wearing the glasses, his vision had improved to 20/40 and depth perception was a perfect 40." Rose H.

“My name is Mark Palmer and five months ago I was in a car accident which left me paralyzed from the waist down. My cord wasn’t completely severed, but I am considered a complete injury. My doctor has introduced me to Eyelights and I have been using them for only a few days, but already have seen visible progress. I just want to thank you for giving me a little hope of walking again.” Mark P.





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