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Details of Sports

Balance and Coordination
Eyelights stimulate the receptors of your non-dominant eye, causing increased activity of your non-dominant brain, creating greater visual acuity. This will create an increased perception of the ball you are about to kick, enhancing coordination and accuracy. The result is more passes completed and more shots on goal.

Soccer is one of the few sports that require foot/eye coordination. We as humans perform most fine motor skills with our hands, which is not the case with soccer players. Additionally, soccer utilizes eye/head coordination for heading the ball, an integral part of an offensive attack. Therefore, soccer requires unique forms of coordination.

Eyelights improve visual input to your non-dominant eye and your non-dominant brain, allowing for improvements in balance and coordination. Therefore, a soccer player will be able to create a greater awareness in space, which is critical in tight offensive/defensive tasks within the 18 yard box. Furthermore, improvements in balance will prove beneficial to soccer players due to the fact that they spend a considerable amount of time on one foot. These improvements in balance and coordination will allow one to become a more complete player, able to perform difficult foot work and kick the ball much harder with their weaker (non-dominant) foot.

Injury Prevention
On the side of the weaker or non-dominant eye, you lose input to the intrinsic stabilization muscles of the spine. Therefore, you will have increased tone to the muscles on your dominant side and decreased tone to muscles on the non-dominant side of your body.

What does this mean to the soccer player? Injuries occur as a result of an inequality of supporting structures, such as with the changes in tone previously mentioned. Injuries occur more often in ballistic/bouncing types of activities (running or soccer). With the changes in tone, coupled with the nature of the game, soccer players are predisposed to injury. Eyelights will promote bilateral (both sides) equality of the muscles of the body, thereby decreasing the risk of injury.




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