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Find out how an annual trip to Augusta yielded fantastic results thanks in part to Eyelights.



Details of Sports

Increase Your Abilities
Do you want to increase your ability to kick a soccer ball, hit a baseball, throw a football, or sink a putt? Eyelights can help you do all that and more. In order for your body to perform at its optimal level, your brain must be working at its optimal level. Right now only half of your brain is functioning at its highest level. Just imagine what you can accomplish on the field if your entire brain is working its hardest.

Everyone has one side of the brain that functions at a higher level than the other (this would be considered your dominant side). Eyelights were designed as glasses emitting light pulses because one of the most direct avenues to the brain is via the eye. By stimulating the non-dominant side of your brain, you allow it to become stronger, thus improving overall performance.

Change in Gait Patterns
If an athlete has a non-dominant right eye, there will be weakness of the back muscles on the right side, resulting in decreased tone on that side and increased tone on the dominant side. This causes a shortened gait pattern to occur on dominant side (left), while the non-dominant side has a longer stride. The result is abnormal or uncoordinated movement due to the rotation of the pelvis. Eyelights can stabilize the mid-line so that both sides become equal and a change in gait pattern occurs.

Many Athletes are Wearing Eyelights
Many athletes are wearing Eyelights to help improve their game:

Pro baseball
NBA referees
Pro golfers
Gold Medal Olympic swimmers Read the WebMD article on Eyelights
Hockey players
NCAA champions
Track & Field athletes

Even Olympic athletes who are at the top of their game are using Eyelights. Before the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, members of the U.S. women's swim team were outfitted with the glasses. Several went on to win gold medals. Eyelights can give you the added edge in sports where tenths of seconds matter most.

Here are a few athletes who are wearing Eyelights:

"Eyelights have improved my quickness and stamina…it's brought a whole new level to my game." Ted Eck - Pro Soccer Player (formerly with the Dallas Burn)

"I wear Eyelights between soccer games and track events and they help me recover extremely fast." Ivan Bomgardner - High School Athlete

"I used Eyelights in a golf tournament and they really helped me…I was able to drive with those guys who were in their 60's." Newt Flippen - 84 year old Golfer

"After wearing the glasses I saw improvements in driving distance, accuracy, and balance…Eyelights helped me break through a plateau and have my best year on tour in 5 years." David Frost - Pro Golfer (10 time winner on PGA Tour)

"Eyelights have made quite a difference in my soccer performance…they make me more alert and aware of things going on around me." Jessica Price - 13 year old Soccer Player




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