Meet the man behind Eyelights. Learn more about his background and vision.

Vivian B. - Albuquerque, NM:
"Dr. Wen Wu treated me in his office approximately one month ago with the glasses. I had an immediate response in bladder control. Since then, I've slept through the night relieved of frequent urination. The urges that have been with me to empty my bladder frequently are less and more controlled. I've purchased glasses of my own to treat myself at home with the guidance of Dr. Wu."

Linda P. - 54 yrs old suffering from MS:
"I am 54 years old and have had MS for 20 years. I work out in the pool 3 times a week for one hour. I do as many things as possible to stay strong. My most difficult challenges are double vision, weakness, pain in right knee and hip, and balance problems. I have become much stronger in the past 5 years since I've been doing water therapy, yet am still troubled with occasional set backs. I do not use drugs of any kind to this point, preferring a holistic approach to my health. While at my holistic eye doctor, he introduced me to your glasses and I experimented. I found that after putting the glasses on and having the lights blink on the left eye for 45 seconds that something started happening. For one, my lips started tingling and then I felt like I wanted to get up out of the chair and find some water to work out in. I thought I should try my balance, and was able to stand with both feet together instead of one in front of the other, and also crossed my arms, while not falling backwards. I then stood next to a wall and looked up, which usually sends me to my bottom. I was able to stand there and look up without any dizziness or wavering. That was just amazing. I still can't believe it. That was yesterday, and this morning I was still able to do it.

Rose H. - Carrollton, TX:
"My son Michael, age 7, who was cured of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis in May 1999, after 5 years of natural treatments, had regained full flexibility in his knees and many other affected joints, but had not regained his normal gait with fluid movement when walking and running. After only 3 days of wearing Eyelights, Michael's gait became completely normal again. It was miraculous! Michael's vision in his right eye had also been affected as a result of calcium depositing over his right pupil. After surgical removal of the calcium deposits, his vision was 20/60 and his depth perception was 100 (perfect is 40). After only 5 weeks of wearing the glasses, his vision had improved to 20/40 and depth perception was a perfect 40. Another miracle!"

Bob & Lynn Y. - Flower Mound, Texas:
"In October 1997, at age 2, our son Patrick suffered severe neurological complications following resection of a malignant brain tumor. For three years following surgery we tried traditional medicine including chemo, radiation, and gamma knife treatments. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to completely stop the growth of his tumor. During this time, Patrick experienced extreme nausea, which inhibited his growth and left his bones fragile. Patrick could not walk without help and did not converse normally with others. In an effort to control the nausea, we took Patrick to see Dr. Peter Jaillet in January 2001. After only two treatments with Dr. Jaillet, Patrick no longer needed anti-nausea medications. Within four months, he was taken off chemotherapy. Today, 22 months later, our son is mainstreamed into a kindergarten class. He is walking without orthotics and his language skills have dramatically improved. The Eyelights and Dr. Jaillet have changed our lives and we are eternally grateful!"

Patrick Y.
Bobbie C. - 65 year old from Claremont, OK:
"Just look at me now! Two years ago I had "episodes" similar to seizures many times a day. My face pulled to one side or another and my speech would become unintelligibly slurred. For years I had been under the care of a neurologist and on heavy medications, with very little relief. I was forced to take medical disability from a job that I loved. Today, with the aid of Eyelights, regular visits with Dr. Jaillet, and proper diet and exercise, I function almost normally. I wear Eyelights about two hours a day and they are an important part of my recuperation process."

Jill T. - "I recently purchased a pair of eyelights for my 11 year old son who was injured in an auto accident when he was 5...he suffered a severe TBI with brain swelling and a left frontal hematoma. He has weakness on his right side and his speech is affected...he also has vision problems. I took him to see Dr. Darrell Groman in Pandora, Ohio in August and he recommended the eyelights for Skylar. I have the amber lens and also the violet lens and have just placed an order for the blue lens. I have noticed that he has improved in his gait pattern and is starting to use his right hand/arm more efficiently than before. He also is sleeping so much better since the use of the violet lens. The other day he flinched when I was coming up on his right side...he has never shown right side peripheral vision of any kind before and I was surprised to say the least."

Skylar T.



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