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How To Determine The Non Dominant Eye

In this course, you will learn about Eye Dominance and why it’s important to know which eye is which before beginning any treatments. You will also find out how colour can have a huge effect on how your body responds to certain treatments and why certain colours are used for certain disorders, and finally how your senses are all connected and what to do if they are not.

Course Information

In lesson one Dr. Jaillet explains what Eye Dominance is and why it’s important to the treatment of many disorders and dysfunctions.

In lesson two Dr. Jaillet explains his techniques for figuring out which eye is the dominant eye and identify hidden weaknesses in the patient, before creating therapies to stabilize an unstable nervous system.

What is color Therapy and how can it be used to fight specific disorders? Dr. Jaillet explains in lesson three before showing an example of testing different colors on a young patient.

In lesson four you will see a more detailed colour therapy test in action as Dr. Jaillet shows you how to find a person’s super colour OR super frequency and how to help correct muscle imbalances!

In lesson five you will learn how all your senses are connected, how to evaluate sensory mismatch and learn how to correct it using hemispheric models.

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Peter Jaillett Peter Jaillett Instructor

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