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Rehabilitation Techniques & Brain Based Therapies

In this course you will learn all about rehabilitation techniques and brain based therapies that have revolutionized the treatment of diseases like Alzheimer’s, MS and Parkinsons’.

You will learn techniques like applying therapy of sensory-based multitasking and utilizing retinal brain stem pathways to encourage myelination as a way to treat debilitating conditions and give people a new lease on life.

Course Information

In Lesson one, Dr. Jaillet walks you through the cerebellum and breaks it into smaller units so one is able to apply therapies specifically to a persons neurological needs.

In Lesson two, we look into Alzheimer’s – Looking at alternative therapies that improve and slow down the effects of an aging BRAIN.

In Lesson three, Dr. Jaillet talks about Parkinsons’ and how you can ‘Piggyback’ therapies to help support and restore loss of function through light, color, nutrition, and applying pH balancing to enhance function.

In Lesson four, learn how to tackle MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS by utilizing retinal brain stem pathways to encourage myelination, then identifying hemisphericity through a simple neural examination of the brain stem. Applying therapy of sensory-based multitasking to enhance greater summation of brain/cortical pathways.

In Lesson five, learn how to identify FIBROMYALGIA, then how to use alternative therapies such as Eyelights, Nutrition, and Bathing techniques to chelate Aluminum

Course Instructor

Peter Jaillett Peter Jaillett Instructor

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