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Visual Field

In this course you will learn about alternative therapies that can be used as treatments for conditions like Strokes and Brain Injuries.

You will also gain a greater understanding of how your visual field works, what happens when you lose it and what creative therapies can be used to enhance recovery.

Course Information

In Lesson one, Dr. Jaillet explains how to use alternative therapies as a treatment for Stroke, separating the lobes of the brain where injury has occurred, applying mirror therapy to see the broken body and reappear as normal.

In Lesson two, you will learn how to evaluate visual fields, as well as understanding what you’re looking at. Identifying where losses might have occurred in the brain. Locking in changes using lasers and GV20 acupuncture point.

In Lesson three, Dr. Jaillet explains how to use Auditory clicks, oils, lasers and teaches you how to see and understand what the brain is telling you from your examination.

In Lesson four, we will be looking at visual field losses and creative therapies that can enhance recovery. Using ear canals that are yoked with muscles of the eyes with lasers, and specific colors for greater awareness of where visual losses have occurred.

Course Instructor

Peter Jaillett Peter Jaillett Instructor

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