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Light is a very valuable adjunctive therapy to chiropractic procedures.  Light stimulation directly to the brain via the eyes seems to be more effective than light placed on the body.  Light allows the reconnection of various energy systems in symptomatic areas to make a fresh start in the healing process.  Light therapy can reveal certain muscle and neurological disorders that may not be detected during standard treatment protocols.  Light precipitates movement and facilitates recovery, freeing up the mind, body, and emotions. 

While chiropractic procedures are used to restore the subluxations and remove skeletal and muscular distortions, many times, disturbances in the energy fields and systems of the body may not be reached directly.  Light can help restore the connection of the energy systems, as well as help maintain the chiropractic adjustment.  Dysfunction begins at the energy level which later manifests at a cellular level, and then to an inflammatory state at the tissue level, and finally to the physiological disturbances we see in disease patterns.  Stimulating and increasing the core energy can help to heal the existing dysfunction or even prevent these disturbances to begin with. [1]



[1]  Light Years Ahead:  One Man's Journey Into Light, Dr. Ward Lamb, D.C.





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