Light Therapy & Chiropractic/Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a cognitive deficit in which a person's reading and/or writing ability is significantly lower than that which would be predicted by his general level of intelligence.  Researchers have found that during reading tasks, dyslexics showed reduced activity in the parietal cortex of the brain which plays an important role in integrating sensory information, manipulating objects, and visuospatial processing.

One hypothesis for the reading difficulties experienced by dyslexics is strabismus, which is difficulty in bringing both eyes into focus on the same point.   Dyslexics also have an abnormality that slows down the magno cell pathway that does fast processing for perceiving position, motion, shape, and low contrast.  In a dyslexic brain, magno cell layout is more disorganized.  The smaller than normal cells conduct impulses more slowly and low contrast processing is slower.  When visual stimuli is presented in rapid succession, only partial perception occurs. [1]

Eyelights Therapy
Eyelights therapy stimulates the entire thalamus so that all 12 layers are functioning at their optimal level.  When 100% of the thalamus is excited, magno cell function will improve.  It has been found that 87% of reading disabled children showed an improvement in comprehension while reading with blue filters.  It is thought that a blue filter removes enough of the red in what a person sees thus allowing the magno cells to work properly. [2]

Recommendations:  Red or black component, Blue or Yellow lens, Bottom row  brighter      



[2]  BPI Dyslexia PC Research Program,





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