Light Therapy & Chiropractic/Multiple Sclerosis

MS is an autoimmune disease in which the body's natural defenses act against myelin in the central nervous system as though it were foreign tissue.  Myelin, the fatty substance coating our nerves and enabling them to conduct impulses between the brain and other parts of the body, is destroyed and replaced by scars of hardened "sclerotic" patches of tissue.  These "plaques" appear in multiple places in the brain and spinal cord and interfere with the transmission of signals. 

The cells that form the myelin sheath (oligodendrocytes) are incapable of recreating the sheath once it has been destroyed.  However, the brain can recruit progenitor cells to re-make the myelin sheath.  This new myelin sheath is often not as large or effective as the original, and repeated attacks will have successively less effective re-myelinations.  

Eyelights Therapy
Light therapy can help sustain myelination by exciting the cerebellum, and in turn, exciting cells into producing proteins in order to stay healthy.  This stimulation also helps to stabilize muscles of the spine, allowing for better integrity of mid-line structures. 

Recommendations:  Black component, Yellow lens, Bottom row brighter





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