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Learning Disorders ADHD & Dyslexia

In this course, you will learn about a range of specific learning disorders from ADHD to OCD. In each lesson Dr. Jaillet will go into detail about what causes these disorders and why Eyelights and Light Therapy is a suitable treatment for each one. This course also explains which colors are best suited for the treatment of each disorder.

Course Information

In lesson one, Dr. Jaillet discusses how nutritional therapies help support a challenged brain dealing with learning dysfunction. Whether its exercise, color therapy, video games, or Eyelights, taking daily activities of life and applying them in a specific manner to enhance learning.

In lesson two, Dr. Jaillet explains how to reduce Vertigo and Dizziness – Simplistic approaches to regain your center of Balance.

In lesson three, you will learn about how Autism affects the brain – taking on a broken brain and looking at how to begin therapies that will enhance the child’s ability to interact with the world that surrounds them. Using Eyelights, and color therapy to saturate the geniculate layers of the thalamus.

In lesson 4, Dr. Jaillet explains what causes Tourette’s and how Light Therapy helps – Looking at the dopamine output and what can be done to help balance the brain by alternative therapies.

Lesson five is a Caloric workshop, learning to evaluate and then treat cerebellar dysfunction.

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Peter Jaillett Peter Jaillett Instructor

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