What Is PepRmint?

PepRmint Power™ is a special blend of peppermint combined with either dextrose (regular sugar), fructose (non-insulin producing sugar), or in the liquid form of organic safflower oil. It’s truly natural and will put the artificial peppermint flavor you’re used to to shame. 

PepRmint Power™ is an easy, delicious way to stay healthy. Just add a teaspoon of PepRmint Power (powder or oil) to your hot or cold drink, 2-3 times a day, or follow one of our delicious recipes on our website.


Peppermint relaxes and prevents cramping of muscles. It soothes and calms them as well. This can reduce the pain. In addition to peppermint calming, it contains a substance called rosmarinic acid that helps keep the airways open for easy breathing.

Peppermint’s main active ingredient is methanol, which thins mucus. This helps loosen and break up coughs with phlegm. Peppermint is an ingredient in many over-the-counter medications. In most of these drugs, there are a myriad of other ingredients that cause unwanted side effects.