Light Therapy

What Is Light Therapy?

Ocular light therapy is a method of therapeutically sending light through the eyes in order to stimulate brain function. Light through the eyes enables us to open up neurological pathways into specific brain structures, significantly affecting the brain and every cell of the body. Light is the second most important environmental input, after food, in controlling bodily functions.

Research suggests that our nervous system, like our vascular system, may have two functions. It not only puts out and receives nerve impulses, but also may be a channel for the streaming of energy. Light ignites cellular metabolism. It enters the eye and goes to the body’s power distribution center, the hypothalamus, where it is converted into electrochemical impulses that are sent to the pituitary and pineal glands. These glands, in turn, distribute the hormonal messages via the body’s nervous system to virtually every cell in the body.


Light Therapy & Chiropractic

Light is a valuable adjunctive therapy to chiropractic procedures. Light stimulation directly to the brain via the eye seems to be more effective than light placed on the body. Light allows the reconnection of various energy systems in symptomatic areas to make a fresh start in the healing process. Light therapy can reveal certain muscle and neurological disorders that may not be detected during standard treatment protocols.

While chiropractic procedures are used to restore subluxations and remove skeletal and muscular distortions, many times, disturbances in the energy fields and systems of the body may not be reached directly. Light can help restore the connection of the energy systems, as well as help maintain the chiropractic adjustment. Dysfunction begins at the energy level, which later manifests at a cellular level, and then to an inflammatory state at the tissue level, and finally to the physiological disturbances we see in disease patterns. Stimulating and increasing the core energy can help to heal the existing dysfunction or even prevent these disturbances to begin with.

Source: Light Years Ahead: One Man’s Journey Into Light, Dr. Ward Lamb, D.C.

Color Therapy

Color has various therapeutic effects on the body and can be received through the eyes in order to stimulate a particular organ or system. Research shows that some colors can stimulate certain bodily enzymes to be 500% more effective. It has been found that 87% of reading disabled children showed an improvement in comprehension when reading with blue filters. In some patients who have suffered strokes, color has successfully eliminated paralysis and helped to restore normal body function.


Red, relates to the first chakra, pelvic area, deals with bonding issues between parent and child. Relates to the liver. Sympathetic in nature, Strong physical stimulant that activates blood circulation. Drives aggression when someone has reached a plateau, and desires to break through a particular level of function. Athletics! LEFT BRAIN DRIVE. Used to aid in the treatment of: Anemia, fatigue, esotropia, miotic pupils.


Orange also sympathetic, in nature. 2nd chakra related, between the pubic bone and the belly button, deals with beginning of separation, ie. when a child goes to the playground and runs off with the group or herd, wants to be able to look back and still see parent is present. Safety net is still there. Stimulates the emotional centers in order to bring about a renewed sense of enthusiasm for life. Deals with the digestive portion of the pancreas. Used to aid in the treatment of; aching muscles, digestive disorders, cramps, urinary incontinence. LEFT BRAIN DRIVE.


Yellow, clarity and focus, improved depth perception! Relates to the Magno cells of the thalamus, magno means big, first two cellular layers of the thalamus! Yellow deals with ADD, which is a multi-tasking issue in the parital lobe. Supports kinesthetic aspects of the parietal lobe, movement, sensory input. great for those that suffer with depth perception, eliminates shadows while playing sports. the 3rd chakra, solar plex located, deals with the beginning of reaching for freedom, separation from the herd, independence. ie. going to the playground, running off so parents can’t see you. Relates to the insulin, blood sugar handling portion of the pancreas, the tail. Aids in the treatment of; Motor Dysfunction, diabetes, multi-tasking problems, and sports performance. LEFT BRAIN DRIVE


Blue, 5th chakra, located at the throat, Adam’s apple. The ability to say what is on ones mind. Or to say what needs to be said, remember the frontal lobe is the gate keeper for the appropriateness of what the chosen words will be! Related to the thyroid, which is related to reproductive system, the birthing chakra, creation of the new family or herd. We ask why does a bird sit upon its nest? In order to keep its eggs warm! Maintaining the body temperature 98.6! Fertility related. Blue complements the parvo cells of the thalamus, the 3rd through 6th layers of the thalamus. In optometry blue increases ones ability to read, hence a calming sensation, that’s why we use it for ADHD! Temporal lobe which is balance maintained, hearing, speech, and emotionality. Depression, looking into the sky and seeing calmness and hope. Blue also decreases blood pressure and heart rate. Stands for rest, relaxation, sleep, regeneration, and communication. Aids in the treatment of : Anxiety, memory & focusing problems. RIGHT BRAIN DRIVE


Purple, the 6th chakra, the third eye, wisdom, which really develops after you have had your own family with children! Aids in the treatment of severe headaches, visual disturbances, and lack of motivation. Dementia, Alzheimers,optic chiasm, pituitary, and pineal gland. Head injury (TBI), concussions, strokes. RIGHT BRAIN DRIVE


Clear deals with the 7th chakra, which is your connection to GOD, your higher source! Clear is the combination of all colors of the rainbow, so when we’re treating Autism, we begin with clear. This way the world in which they live in stays the same, and every 8 seconds they get the 2 second flash of light therapy, that stimulates CIEGR, metabolically, driving from the thalamus, optic radiation’s to the occipital lobe, forward to the posterior parietal lobes, and anterior to the temporal lobes before hitting the frontal lobe. At the same time firing to the tectum, superior colliculus, by way of the superior peduncle to the fastigeal nucleus of the cerebellum to the paraspinal muscle of the core to create spinal erection!