Eyelights Protocol

Standard Protocol

When starting out, Eyelights should be worn 2-3 times per day, for 5 minutes each time. Every 5 days the patient should be able to increase the amount of time they are being worn by 5-7 minutes. Gradually, they should reach the standard protocol of 15-20 minute intervals 2-3 times per day.

If a headache or eye fatigue occurs, they have received too much stimulation and should decrease the amount of time Eyelights are being worn during each session.

Patients With Neurological Symptoms

In the early stages of treatment, patients with neurological problems should be monitored while wearing Eyelights. As the lights begin to flash you will watch their pupils, while keeping track of the number of times the lights flash.

The lights are on a 10 second cycle where they flash for 2 seconds and rest for 8 seconds. Once the pupil starts to dilate and blow open, STOP the therapy. This will give you a basis for how long they are able to wear the glasses before becoming fatigued. If there is pupillary change after 5 flashes, the patient will wear the Eyelights for only 4 flashes.

Gradually, they should be able to withstand longer periods of therapy. If the patient complains of headaches or eye fatigue, they should wear the Eyelights with their eyes closed. The eyelid will act as a filter, with the patient receiving less stimulation.