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Light Therapy & Eyelights

Light Therapy & Eyelights

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In this course you will gain an in depth knowledge of what light therapy is and how it can be used in a number of new and exciting treatments. You will also learn about how the body and brain are connected and the relationship they have in regard to your vision.

Then you will begin to fully understand how our vision works, what affects it and how we can use it as an alternative therapy for muscular dysfunction.

Course Information

In lesson one, Dr. Jaillet gives an overview of Light therapy, its applications directed to the body, and the brain. The differences between the Parietal and Temporal lobes with emphasis on light directed pathways to stimulate cortical tissue.

In lesson two, you will gain an understanding of the divided relationships between the body and the brain, with emphasis on using alternative therapies to support muscular dysfunction.

In Lesson three, Dr. Jaillet explains that vision does not see, it carries input to the brain to be interpreted within the lobes of the brain. Aerobic training in brains that have suffered injury, and learn how vision is processed through the lobes of the brain.

Lesson four, is about interpreting how the anatomy of vision affects brain function, with common sense approaches to isolate dysfunction and how to implement easy, and simple therapies to make lasting changes in the brain.

In Lesson five, Dr. Jaillet discusses Vision, the windows to the SOUL. The beginning of the journey. Teaching YOU to become observant of what is before you!


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